Run, measure, analyse and optimize mobile campaigns like a Pro!

AdTrax makes it super easy to manage hundreds of affiliates at one place. Packed with powerful features, AdTrax lets you have complete control over your mobile campaigns, gain valuable insights and optimize auxiliary processes like Payout Management, Invoicing and many more.

AdTrax is all you will ever need to run successful global mobile campaigns.

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AdTrax is the ideal SaaS tool for

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Mobile Advertisers

Manage campaigns and hundreds of affiliates from a single dashboard.

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Mobile Affiliates

Choose from multiple offers across categories.

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Affiliate Networks

Build your own affiliate network on top of the AdTrax platform.

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Media Buyers

Buy and monitor advertising space on behalf of your clients.


Everything you need to measure, analyse and run effective
global mobile campaigns!

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Go live with your mobile campaign in a matter of minutes!
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Keep a quality check on your campaigns by using our internal data.
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Run multiple campaigns simultaneously.
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Make effective real time decisions with our real time reporting
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Manage all your affiliates at one place.
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